Nozzles for fountains, or how to create water paintings


Fountain nozzles are able to turn ordinary water jets into snow-white foaming columns and domes, with the help of products of appropriate shapes, you can achieve drawings in the form of an inverted tulip, other colors, hourglass, as well as create fountains from several tiers. Rotational devices will force water jets to move along certain trajectories, drawing beautiful patterns.

The combination of several fountain nozzles makes it possible to create amazingly beautiful water compositions.

How to choose the right nozzle

As a rule, the material for these products are brass and stainless steel, bronze and plastic are also used. Fountain nozzles can be selected in a variety of forms and types. Some types are best used in large tanks, large bowls, others are perfect for small fountains.

For some species, the water level in the tank is important; others are independent of this. Many devices allow you to adjust the angle of the jets, but there is also a rigid mount.

An important question is which factors to consider so that the choice of a fountain nozzle is optimal for you. Of course, we first consider the aesthetic component. But it is equally important to consider the volume of the tank, as well as the strength of the jet. According to the generally accepted rule, the height of the water stream should not be greater than the distance from the center of the reservoir (reservoir) to the sides of the bowl (banks). Otherwise, under the influence of wind gusts, the water will flood the banks, forming puddles, mud and slush.

A very important characteristic of the nozzle is its resistance to wind. Some devices require complete calmness for optimal performance and to create a water picture. Foam nozzles have the greatest wind resistance, and even with rather significant gusts of wind they are able to maintain an even water picture.

Do not think that fountains do not have any practical benefit. They moisturize the air well in the summer heat, form a microclimate that is beneficial for plants and humans.

But nevertheless, the decorative function prevails, therefore the external design, how the fountain looks in working and disconnected states plays a big role. And the role of nozzles here is difficult to overestimate, therefore, their choice must be approached carefully and armed with the necessary knowledge.

The nozzle does not affect the height of the jet, this is determined by the power of the pump used, which supplies water to it. The submersible pump is able to provide a two-meter jet, higher can be raised with the help of a surface pump.

Garden fountain (video)

Varieties of nozzles for fountains

The "Fountain Ring" sprays water in a circle, its diameters are in the range of 0.58-6.68 m, the number of nozzles is different for different models, but the angle of the nozzles is always 120 °. The picture is very picturesque both individually and in combination with paintings of other fountain nozzles. This device is usually mounted along the line of the sides, or in the central part of the tank. It is not difficult to choose a suitable "fountain ring" for almost any size of the fountain.

The Water Wall nozzle forms a smooth water stream that flows evenly in a vertical plane. No noise, minimal spatter. The width of the stream can be selected in a wide range. The "water wall" looks equally impressive both in open fountains and in rooms. Together with the artistically executed back wall, this nozzle creates a unique look, besides providing humidification of the air in the room.

The "filamentous fountain" creates the effect of a curtain of water. This is an excellent choice for indoor installation, it is characterized by quiet operation and lack of splashes. The water dispenser is mounted at a height, special racks reliably hold it. Special threads descend from the distributor into the bowl of the fountain, along which streams of water run off. The height from which the droplets will fall can reach several tens of meters, the angle of inclination can be either strictly perpendicular to the surface or deviate to 150 °. A fountain with such a nozzle will perfectly ennoble the interior and give it a unique elegance.

Fountain nozzles (video)

The "linear water distributor" is made in the form of a straight stainless steel pipe with nozzles. Nozzles can be adjusted and create with them clear symmetrical patterns. Pipe length and number of nozzles vary widely. This device is recommended for use in large fountains.

The nozzle "Bell" is a disc, sometimes bent to the bottom, the distance between them can be adjusted, which affects the thickness of the water flow. With proper adjustment, a picture appears in the form of a thin hemisphere. Experts advise using the nozzle in small fountains located in windless places.

"Tulip" forms a cone-shaped picture, a film of water moves from bottom to top. A similar nozzle "Bouquet" creates a water stream also in the form of a flower, but two tiers of pouring water are created. At night from such a spectacle, beautifully decorated with backlight, it is simply impossible to look away. The fixture is designed for a medium-sized fountain.

The product with the interesting name "Fish Tail" creates several symmetrical jets that rush upward at an angle of 30-40 °. In addition to the nozzles described above, there are many more options, so that only the choice is not limited to them. The assortment of such products pleases with the opportunity of a wide choice, so it is quite realistic to choose the most optimal solution for your case.

Nozzles for a garden fountain (20 photos)