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Before you equip the attic in a private house yourself, you should do the layout of this room. It is best if the roof of the house is gable, since this option is the most convenient for developing the design of the attic floor.

Before planning, it is important to study all the details, including the number of oblique walls, the possibility of installing windows. Under the hip roof, consisting of 4 walls, the size of the attic's living space will be smaller than in a room or in the attic under a gable structure.

What to look for

The space of the attic floor is quite large if the house has a sloping roof. House designs with complex designs of large-sized roofs are in high demand. They open the space for creative imagination of specialists in architecture and design. The attics of modern country houses are often a fashionable element created on the basis of the latest achievements in the science of interior design.

When arranging the attic in the country, it is very important to consider the presence of windows on this floor. How many of them should be, what size they should have - it depends on the size of the room. The shorter the period of natural daylight, the more it will be necessary to equip artificial light sources, which may subsequently lead to large losses of electricity.

The design of the room also depends on the beams of the floor, giving the attic room a special decor. An additional window can be placed directly on the roof, which is a very original solution, allowing sunlight to penetrate directly into the attic directly from above. It is important to remember about the automatic increase in the heated area of ​​the room in the absence of a ceiling.

During the design of the attic room, you can use additional thermal insulation materials or selectively equip the ceiling. The space left under the roof can be used as a storage room. Often in the area under the roof canopy is a recuperator or ventilation unit. The ceiling makes it easier to carry out installation work, since it is convenient to lay communications on it.

Attic Design (video)

Recommendations for arranging attic windows

The attic to a large extent allows you to increase the internal area of ​​the house, since the arrangement of this room is often explained by the lack of residential premises. Do-it-yourself room improvement in the attic allows you to save on the construction of an additional second floor of the house.

In the process of designing attic rooms, it should be noted that if you have to work with a sloping roof, which has many bends, the attic area will be visually smaller. This is due to an increase in the number of sloping ceilings and oblique walls.

If the house has an attic floor, then it is easy to equip the room on it. It is enough to study all the main points of repairing this room with your own hands. The owner of the house must first plan for a ceiling in the design of the attic with a gable roof. If it is provided, then this will balance the space.

However, there is a problem of the height of the walls of the room in a wooden house. It should be noted that for a comfortable stay, the height size inside the attic should not be less than 2.2 m. At the design stage of the attic, you need to take care of whether to leave the internal structure of the roof of the house or remove the ceiling. This issue is quite serious, since the decision depends on the load-bearing elements of the roof.

If there are small windows in the room, the attic area will visually decrease. If they are too large, then the level of heat loss will be very high. The presence of a formula that allows you to determine the optimal ratio of the size of the windows in relation to the floor area of ​​the attic room, shows that the best proportion is 1: 8. This allows you to maximize the normal lighting of the attic.

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How to equip a bedroom in the attic

The bedroom is a place to relax, where there should not be any deviations that excite the nervous system and interfere with sleep. The interior of the attic, which will be a bedroom, should be carefully thought out in terms of color design. It should be in harmony with the interior design of the entire building.

The right choice of bedroom design accompanies the realization of the most cherished desires. Since it is quite difficult to understand the variety of interior styles, then you should start from only 1 direction, for example, the east. The classic design of the bedroom is chosen by those homeowners who do not like any unnecessary details in the interior.

So that you can relax in the bedroom, it should be decorated in soft and warm colors: beige, pale pink, mint, peach, etc. Too rich tones excite the brain, so designers do not recommend them for rest rooms. If the bedroom is made in dark colors, then its space will be visually less. The interior of the attic in warm colors visually enlarge the entire room.

Repair of the attic in the country may depend on the angle of the ceiling. If it is too sharp, then you can use GKL inserts, which will give the ceiling surface a more comfortable look. The use of drywall inserts as an element of the attic ceiling decor is shown in the photo.

To properly decorate the supports on the ceiling of the attic with your own hands, you will need to fit them into the general style of the interior. You can give them brightness or soften the atmosphere with discreet tones. A large number of windows in the bedroom, as in the photo, will allow the attic owner to enjoy nature views daily.

If the attic in the country house has impressive dimensions, then with the arrangement of a bedroom in it you can not do without imagination and a high level of professionalism. Columns of a rounded shape or recesses painted with unique patterns will help to change the interior design. For pasting walls, you can use wallpaper. Having determined the style of the bedroom interior, you can proceed to the choice of materials for its design, a photo of its options is presented below.