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Greenhouse "Snowdrop": features and installation rules


The “Snowdrop” greenhouse from the production company BashAgroPlast has such opposite reviews from customers that people who want to purchase it are lost and cannot draw definite conclusions. To dispel doubts, let's figure it out on our own.

Greenhouse or greenhouse: what is the difference

Not everyone understands the fundamental differences between these two structures, such a misunderstanding gives erroneous expectations and, as a result, disappointment.

And to avoid this, it's worth knowing what the difference is:

  1. Height. A greenhouse is a structure whose height does not exceed 130 cm, the greenhouse can be of different heights, so that it is convenient for a person to walk in it.
  2. Heating. If yes, greenhouses often use additional sources of heat, then the greenhouse is heated exclusively by heat, which is released biologically and from the sun.
  3. Doors They are in the design of any greenhouse, but they are not in the greenhouse. To access the plants open it. This can be done from the side or top.

Previously, the frame of greenhouses was covered with plastic films, the life of which did not exceed one season. Now polyethylene is also used, but more dense with a longer operational period.

A greenhouse is also produced from cellular polycarbonate, for example, such as Snowdrop. Reviews that he is terrible, emotionally exaggerated, because the development of its design was carried out by experienced farmers. They brought here their experience, which helps the gardener to achieve an increase in yield, while the greenhouse is mobile and compact. In fairness, I must say that recently the greenhouse has neutral reviews with a slight dominance of positives.

What happens and what is included in the "Snowdrop" greenhouse

The greenhouse can have a design of various sizes and shapes, it can be made of film, polycarbonate, glass, which is rarely used now, because installation work is complicated, as well as operation. There are differences in shape and size: arch, polygon from mini to maxi.

From the choice of coating material, materials for the frame also differ. Wood goes for glass greenhouses. But most often metal-plastic pipes are used for film and polycarbonate.

The “Snowdrop” has an arched construction, the complete set is complete, so there will be no need to purchase any details for installing the greenhouse.

It is easy to put it on your own using the included parts:

  • frame arches made of flexible and durable;
  • covering canvas;
  • clips fastening the covering material;
  • legs.


  1. The design of the greenhouse is made mobile and compact, which should be immediately attributed to its unconditional advantages. The arched structure is not only easy to install, but also portable.
  2. It is convenient to store for reuse in spring. For storage, it is enough to fold it into a special case, which takes up little space.
  3. It is also important that the covering material at maximum load, according to the manufacturer, can be operated for five years. But practice has shown that the maximum operational period does not exceed 3 years, which is also very good at this price.
  4. Thanks to the arched shape of the greenhouse, even strong winds are not afraid.

The microclimate that forms in the greenhouse has a humidity of 75%, which avoids some infectious diseases of plants and the parasites that eat them. Which is especially true for late blight, which affects tomatoes.

If you are not satisfied with the standard size of the greenhouse (height 0.8 meters and width 1.2 meters), then you can choose a non-standard model, up to 8 meters long with a maximum height of 1.3 meters.

Seat selection

  1. Due to the fact that the design is mobile, it can be installed anywhere on your garden site.
  2. At the same time, we do not forget that the greenhouse needs a lot of light, so choose a well-lit place. Ideally, if the sun in this area will be active in the first half of the day, so that the greenhouse warms up well for the whole day.
  3. Do not forget that you need to have access to it from all sides, to do it freely and without problems. Farmers recommend placing the ends of the greenhouse either south or north. This allows you to achieve maximum returns from the greenhouse in terms of yield.

How to install a greenhouse

A simple and mobile design, it would seem, should not cause problems with installation. But there are those who call this process in reviews ill-conceived.

To avoid errors, stick to the following sequence:

  • attach legs to the arcs of the frame;
  • stick the frame into the ground;
  • check the strength of the legs in the ground;
  • compact the soil near the legs;
  • cover with a covering sheet and fix it with clips.

Most often, user dissatisfaction is caused by the unstable entry of the legs into the ground and, as a result, the weakness of the frame. To avoid this, before inserting the legs, go ramming along the perimeter of the future greenhouse, and then again, but with the legs mounted. Pour the bottom with water to further compact the ground, and you don’t have to worry that the frame will not stand firmly.

We operate correctly!

It is unfortunate, but more often than not, nobody reads the rules for operating the greenhouse. Which leads to problems and negative reviews. Most often, frequent removal of the covering material leads to tearing and damage, and scorching sunlight does not pass through it. Why then take it off often? Using clips, you can adjust the height of the canvas to maintain the desired temperature in the greenhouse. When the operation is completed, you need to clean the cover sheet, dry it and put it in a case for storage.

Useful recommendations from experienced gardeners:

  1. Crops that can pollinate each other should be planted in different greenhouses.
  2. For cucumbers, use one greenhouse, and for tomatoes another, because they need different climatic conditions.
  3. It is best to use self-pollinated plant varieties for a greenhouse.


Nikolay, 38 years old, Eagle.

I have been using the snowdrop for the second year. It is very easy to put it, the material is durable, but already at the end of the second season it was deformed in some places. But I think another year is enough. He has already justified the money spent on him.

Olga Alexandrovna, 59 years old, Pskov.

We can’t put a greenhouse in any way, so for us this greenhouse has become a godsend. The husband assembled it himself without any problems, but some legs had to be strengthened. We just have an uneven area. We have already collected the radish, now we are waiting for the cucumbers. The canvas is dense, and the frame. The neighbors also ordered one for themselves.

Ilona Nikiforovna, 47 years old, Tambov.

Ordinary greenhouse. There is nothing special about him. One thing is good - it is very convenient to put and store. Everything grows like in my old greenhouse of pipes and film. I bought for the sake of experiment. Conclusion - there is no difference with an ordinary do-it-yourself greenhouse.

Installation of the greenhouse "Snowdrop" (video)

Review of the greenhouse Snowdrop (video)