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Why leaves and flowers of spathiphyllum blacken

Spathiphyllum, or Spathiphyllum, from the Aroid family, is well known to amateur gardeners as a beautiful decorative houseplant, which has earned very wide popularity due to its surprisingly beautiful, unusual flowers. With insufficiently proper care, the leaves and flowers of spathiphyllum begin to blacken, and other changes in the appearance of indoor culture also occur.
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Time-tested grape variety "Moldova"

Grapes "Moldova" is a table variety with medium late or late (depending on climatic conditions in the cultivation zone) ripening period. The parent couple is represented by the varieties Guzal Kara and Villar Blanc. The originator of the variety is NPO Vierul from Moldova. The characteristics of the Interspecific hybrid of the Euro-Asian region "Moldova" are known to many under the name "Late Codrianka" and are widely zoned in Ukraine almost thirty years ago.
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Landing and care

Kefir casserole recipes for the whole family

Casserole - a Russian dish known throughout the world. In Italy, such a dish is called lasagna, and for the French, this fragrant dish is gratin. Every English family knows what pudding is. This delicacy is prepared from a variety of products. In the world there are many recipes for casseroles: sweet, meat, potato, pumpkin, diet.
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How to choose a chainsaw for the cottage: 2019 rating

A person living in a private house or owning a suburban area cannot do without such a tool as a chainsaw. Everyone who is thinking about purchasing it raises a lot of questions. One of the most important: which chainsaw is the best and which company. The nuances of choosing this tool will be discussed in this article.
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